Heather – our hobbyhorse

As a horticultural sales association to promote the sales of azaleas, ericas, camellias and callunas Marktverband Bremen was founded in 1963, back then as a registered association only. Later the transformation to a Limited-company followed and export-sales tooks its course.  Our location in Bremen is the ideal basis for exporting heather-products globally. We are happy to support our suppliers with theirs sales transaction, so they can concentrate fully on producing high quality plants.

Calluna & company

Year after year Irish heather, Daboecia, is ringing in autumn season. And this is only the beginning. Erica cinerea are at their marks, getting ready and then Calluna-dispatch can start. Accompanied by Erica gracillis and other plants.
Amongst many ericaceous plants, we can also surprise you with many companion plants: Calocephalus, Gaultheria, perennials and much more. With Erica darleyensis, English Heather, we can end the heather-season spring the next year.