Merry christmas to all of you

This year we have decided, to quit the christmas cards clutter and instead set a lasting example at christmas. The expenses for printing christmas cards saved we have donated in total to doctors without borders. With this deliberate „we´re in“, we are helping people in need and are giving a meaningful present.
With our donation, 80 malnourished kids can be treated for four weeks with caloric ready-to-use foods for example.
Something that you can easily forget in times like these, where you often eat one or two biscuits too many and are feeling snoozy after yet another Sunday roast: not everyone in the world is as fortunate as we are. You might argue whether to start donating just in time for Christmas. But the counter question might as well be: Why not use these reflective times around Christmas to visualise, how good we actually have it, when sipping on some mulled wine and cracking the next nut. And everyone can join (here)! Every donation helps doctors without borders to do their work in those many crisis-ridden countries around the world and together we can ensure to make the world just a bit better.For the excellent cooperation this year we would like to thank you and with this wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Regards with a heartfelt “hohoho”
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