Spring has arrived

With our plants colour is coming home! After all these dark winter days, we are looking forward to longer days and colourful spring bloomers.

Unbeatable colour- and combinations-spectrum

This year primroses are opening the spring season, smiling at us with their colourful faces. Almost no other plants are so diverse in colour and combination-possibilities like primroses. Being prime, is the reason for its name and shows how well-liked these flowers are.Soon thereafter Viola, Daisies and Myosotis and many others follow their lead. With pansies we differentiate between F1-hybrids with big flowers and Viola cornuta. Thanks to huge breeding-successes horned pansies delight us with all colours imaginable.

And not to mention the huge selection of bulb plants, that round up the spring-assortment. Tulips, crocuses, hyacinths can be purchased ready cultivated in pots.