The new perennials

We have an interesting and enormous assortment of perennials. Take a minute to have a look at our assortment for 2018, you can find it under our perennials assortment.

Perennials have said farewell to their nicheness long time ago and are now all-time favourites. For us turnover has clearly increased a lot with these allrounders.

The cooperation with great partners in the perennial-businness has played a leading role in our success. We are competent and have a broad assortment, to fulfill all wishes. You can choose between different concepts.

These concepts we offer with standard prices for various potsizes. Throughout the season sorts vary and are adjusted to each time of the year. Meanwhile the assortment throughout the years has expanded enormously.

Endless Varieties

We are happy that we can offer a broad and deep assortment, leaving no pernennial lover unsatisfied.

Whatever you choose, it is important for costumers to find and interesting an changing assortment. We gladly send you our weekly changing assortment with each weeks recommendations. You can download an overview of perennials for the year here.

Let us be your perennials-consultant!